Corporate Social Responsibility

At Avicanna, we strive to develop and provide
responsible and sustainable delivery
of innovative cannabinoid-based solutions.

  • CSR
  • Regulations


As a driving force in a rapidly expanding industry, we remain committed to 100% legal practices with specific focus on medical and wellness products

  • Sun Cultivation: Avicanna is federally licensed by the government of Colombia to operate its fully vertically integrated model. These operations include commercial cultivation, processing, manufacturing, sale, and export of medical cannabis products.
  • Research and Development: In collaboration with leading academic and medical institutions, in addition to the work of our own 20+ scientific team members in Canada, the US, Colombia and Jamaica, Avicanna continues to conduct all of its research and development on cannabinoids under specific approvals obtained from Health Canada.
  • Clinical Trials: In collaboration with the top medical institutions in Canada, Colombia, and Jamaica, Avicanna conducts various stages of clinical development with specific approvals by the respective federal regulatory bodies including Health Canada and INVIMA.