Product Offerings

Utilizing extensive R&D capacity and world-class
research relationships to explore and develop
advanced cannabinoid formulations and delivery

Through innovative and proprietary formulations and delivery methods, Avicanna’s product lines offer a selection of advanced delivery mechanisms available in a range of cannabinoid dosages and profiles ranging from cosmetic to medical applications.



Through our proprietary formulations and innovative delivery methods, the Pura Elements™ product line offers a wide selection of advanced cannabinoid-based medical delivery mechanisms. The utility and delivery of Pura Elements™ products are supported with scientific evidence collected through Avicanna’s research collaborations with leading medical and academic institutions. Our research and product development are conducted through research agreements with the University of Toronto and the University Health Network. Each of the Pura Elements™ cannabinoid-based products are available in a range of varying dosages and profiles.


Pura Earth™, is Avicanna’s novel derma-cosmetic product line utilizing the combination of Cannabidiol(CBD) - a non-psychoactive cannabinoid - hemp oil, and other key natural ingredients designed to deliver a localized source of vitamins and minerals to the skin for regulatory effect, nourishment and rejuvenation of the skin.

Skin is the largest organ of the human body, and proper upkeep is one of the first steps in maintaining its overall well-being. The skin exists as a layered system with the outermost layer serving as a protective barrier and port for recognizing sensations such as pain, itch, and temperature. Cannabidiol (CBD) has a profound role to play in taking care of the skin; As a potential first line of defense and exposure to the elements can cause dullness, dryness, itching and aging.


A brand of Aurum Santa Marta, Avesta Genética represents the line of genetics and seeds that have been acquired and developed of cannabis genetics. Avesta Genética will be offering its range of strains for all Avicanna cultivation projects across the globe, along with wholesale distribution of its genetics to other Colombian producers. Additionally, Avesta Genética will be providing feminized seeds for international sales to consumers under the Pura Elements™ brand.

At Avesta Genética, we emphasize the synergy of various components of the whole plant and the medical benefits of various cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes through the diversity of our genetics. Our extensive seed bank and selective breeding processes allow us to customize cannabinoid and terpene profiles for targeting specific ailments by combining their distinct medicinal properties.