Corporate Social Responsibility

At Avicanna, we strive to develop and provide
responsible and sustainable delivery
of innovative cannabinoid-based solutions.

  • CSR
  • Environmental Sustainability

Environmental Sustainability

We believe in protecting the planet and preserving the environment that we live and operate in. We value conservation through collective action and strive to combine our modern way of life with an understanding and respect for everything that nature has to offer.

  • Sun-Grown, Sustainable and Organic Cultivation of Cannabis: Dedicated to environmental preservation, we will cultivate 100% sun grown cannabis, in the foothills of Colombia‚Äôs Sierra Nevada Mountains near the Caribbean Sea. While implementing Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and promoting a living soil for our plants to grow happy and healthy, we will be working closely with some leading certifying agencies for attaining international certifications for both organic and agricultural practices. We strive to reduce our carbon footprint and maintain our soils free from synthetic compounds, harsh chemicals, pesticides, and herbicides.