Corporate Social Responsibility

At Avicanna, we strive to develop and provide
responsible and sustainable delivery
of innovative cannabinoid-based solutions.

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  • Education


To lead the evolution of the medical cannabis industry, we believe significant effort and resources should be dedicated to the education of medical communities and patients about the research, benefits and safe use of medical cannabis.

  • International Medical Symposia: Our education plans include several medical symposia to increase awareness on the current research being conducted internationally. Our goal is to educate the healthcare communities on the expanding possibilities of medical cannabis applications as effective treatment options for several major indications including pain, oncology, epilepsy, and dermatology. In May 2018, in Santa Marta, Colombia, experienced Canadian and Colombian healthcare professionals and scientists led discussions on current ongoing cannabinoid research. Topics included patient response, advanced indication-specific medical applications and emerging clinical research in this field.
  • Canadian Patient Education: We have taken the initiative to provide patients and medical practitioners in Canada with the knowledge and access to cannabis and cannabinoid products for medical use through our online platform of MyCannabis. MyCannabis is focused on gathering and providing all the necessary tools in order to enable educated consumer and patient decisions, along with keeping our Medical Practitioners constantly informed and educated on the latest data and information surrounding the use of cannabinoids and cannabinoid products.
  • Continuing Medical Education Courses: As part of our ongoing efforts to educate medical communities on the evolving medical cannabis industry, we will be offering educational courses and certifications for prescribing medical practitioners on different cannabinoid-related subject matter, products, research and prescribing guidelines. The courses will be provided by leading medical and scientific experts on cannabinoids from internationally acclaimed medical institutions and universities.