An Avicanna subsidiary located in Santa Marta, Colombia, Sativa Nativa is a federally licensed cannabis producer applicant focused on large scale production of greenhouse cannabis flower and resin for local and international distribution.


Sativa Nativa is a Federally licensed and vertically integrated medical cannabis company based out of Santa Marta, Colombia. Our story began over five years ago, with two Colombian locals sharing a passion for cannabis as alternative medicine. Sergio Puerta, an international horticulture and extraction specialist, and José Rafael López, an expert in genetic development came together with a common goal: to lead the evolution of cannabis cultivation for natural health in Colombia.


At Sativa Nativa we strive to be at the forefront of the medicinal cannabis industry in Colombia and a leading exporter of top quality cannabinoid active pharmaceutical ingredients (API). Our fully vertically integrated model includes the highest global standards in genetic development, greenhouse cultivation, extraction, processing and manufacturing of medical cannabis products all in our facility in Santa Marta.


We are a subsidiary of Avicanna Inc., a biotechnology company focused on innovative advancements in the medical cannabis industry. Based out of Toronto, Canada, Avicanna leverages its executive management and scientific team’s extensive biotechnology and pharmaceutical experience to develop and execute its multilevel and multi-market strategic approach towards medical cannabis.


Sativa Nativa leverages Avicanna’s scientific team, GMP-level operating standards and proprietary cannabinoid delivery mechanisms along with Avicanna’s international distribution network.

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Aluna Genetica

A brand of Sativa Nativa, Aluna Genética is involved in the acquisition and development of cannabis genetics. Aluna Genética will be offering its range of strains for all Avicanna cultivation projects across the globe, along with wholesale distribution of its genetics to other Colombian producers. Additionally, Aluna Genética will be providing feminized seeds for international sales to consumers under the Pura Elements™ brand.


At Aluna Genética, we emphasize the synergy of various components of the whole plant and the medical benefits of various cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes through the diversity of our genetics. Our extensive seed bank and selective breeding processes allow us to customize cannabinoid and terpene profiles for targeting specific ailments by combining their distinct medicinal properties.

Sergio Puerta, Chief Horticulture Officer

Sergio is an expert on medical cannabis with over 20 years of experience in horticulture and extraction. Sergio has been involved in the design and implementation of several cultivation projects across the globe including Israel, the United States of America, and Colombia.

José Rafael López, Chief Genetic Officer

Extensive experience designing and implementing international indoor and greenhouse cannabis cultivation projects. José also has extensive experience with genetic development and had previously owned and operated a seed company in Spain.