Our PURA Elements line of natural products is among the most innovative and high quality source of cannabinoid delivery mechanisms available on the market today. At PURA Elements, we develop and manufacture our products to meet our high level of quality control standards. Our expert scientists are quickly moving towards the first stages of our clinical trials and stability testing in order to provide quality products with consistent bioavailability that are backed by sound scientific data.

We understand the importance of consistent products that administer accurate and specific dosages of cannabinoids in the most effective ways possible. We believe that consistent and reliable dosage is an essential foundation to any successful cannabinoid therapy.

PURA Elements Transdermal Patches are formulated to be an advanced delivery mechanism that provides maximum cannabinoid bioavailability. Cannabinoids are often too large to penetrate the skin deep enough via transdermal application alone – At PURA Elements we have developed a blended formulation using added plant extracts that increase the skins’ permeability in order to enhance cannabinoid delivery for maximum achievable bioavailability.

PURA Elements patches provide a slow release of cannabinoids that maintain a range of sustained medicinal benefit with minimal psychoactive effects, all without using the addition of synthetic and potentially harmful chemical enhancers. Unlike edibles and other oral forms of cannabinoids, transdermal delivery methods avoid first-pass metabolism and degradation, allowing our patches to provide sustained therapeutic doses.

Our PURA Elements capsules deliver controlled dosing that satisfies minor, moderate, and major relief of symptoms. Our formulations are blended with natural oils containing Omega-3 fatty acids and are a safe and effective alternative to many other forms of medication, especially for those that prefer a reliable experience from an oral source.

Essential daily SPF moisturizing lotion, infused with our PURA Elements Golden Oil provides a silky, lightweight coverage with natural UV protection (11-15 SPF). This is a great addition to your daily routine, providing nourishing elements, localized cannabinoid therapy, and protection from the sun with minimal, if any, effect to cognitive function.

PURA Elements Tinctures allow dosing regimens that tailor to each individual’s daily routine. This product is a blend of our naturally extracted cannabis Golden Oil paired with a variety of organic ingredients for enhanced bioavailability. Our tinctures are easy to use and are available in 50 ml and 500 ml bottles.

Our high-quality cannabis extracts and classic Vape Cartridges are among the very best and most durable available. Our cartridges are a great choice for fast and discreet administration of cannabinoids, and can also be used in combination with one of our other products in order to provide that ‘on-demand’ relief and careful dose titration, wherever and whenever needed.

Our Golden Oil is the best and highest quality of all our extractions.  In the most pure form of the oil, this product can be used to vaporize or it can be consumed in any way you prefer in order to gain the desired effect. This product is extracted using high purity CO2 to yield an extract that needs no refining after the extraction process. Because of this method, we ensure that there is no chance of residual solvents.