Avicanna Inc. has rooted itself as an innovative biotechnology
company in the medical cannabis space.

Avicanna Inc. is a biotechnology company focused on innovative product development and advanced clinical research in the medical cannabis industry. With headquarters based out of JLABS @Toronto (Canada), Avicanna is the first and only cannabinoid related company to be integrated into the Johnson & Johnson Innovation Centre in Toronto. Avicanna leverages its executive management and scientific teams’ extensive experience in biotechnology to develop and execute its multilevel and multi-market strategic approach towards medical cannabis.

Currently, Avicanna’s leading product line is Pura Elements™, which is a proprietary brand of delivery mechanisms such as transdermal patches and topical creams. Working closely with several of the top Canadian and international medical institutions, including the University of Toronto and the University Health Network (UHN), our cannabinoid-based products are developed within our state-of-the-art CGMP facilities in-line with Health Canada standards. We believe that Canada has set the gold standard in the global medical cannabis industry and that we are well positioned to be a leader for innovation and best practices. Evidenced by our strategic licensing model, Avicanna is focussed on building an international network to distribute the Pura Elements™ brand of products on a global scale.

Our Company is expanding our multinational approach, which includes our current presence in Canada, USA, Argentina, Colombia, and several other emerging medical cannabis markets. Additionally, Avicanna is active in the education of patients and doctors regarding medical cannabis within Canada.

Above all, we aim to provide cannabinoid-based therapies that are both clinically supported and medically approved. As we continue to grow in all facets of this flourishing industry, we are excited to bring novel updates as we move forward.