Avicanna Inc.

Innovative, Multinational and Biotechnological Advancements in the Medical Cannabis Industry

Avicanna Inc. is a biotechnology company focused on innovative advancements in the medical cannabis industry. Based out of Toronto, Canada, Avicanna leverages its executive management and scientific team’s extensive biotechnology experience to develop and execute its multilevel and multi-market strategic approach towards medical cannabis. Avicanna is now a JLABS resident company and is officially the first cannabinoid-based company to be admitted into the Johnson & Johnson Innovation Centre in Toronto.

Our current leading product line features the PURA Elements brand of natural delivery systems, including our Transdermal Patches. Working hard with the leading medical institutions and research facilities in Canada, the scientific team at Avicanna is developing its pipeline of cannabinoid-based therapies and is moving forward with the first stages of our clinical trials. Our team is focused on research development and medical education and has established a footprint in several other emerging markets in the cannabis space.

Our mission

Responsible development and delivery of innovative cannabinoid-based solutions through a vertically-integrated, diversified and multinational approach. By collaborating with world renowned medical institutions and utilizing strategic partnerships we strive to lead the evolution of the medical cannabis industry.

Our vision

Becoming a global leader of delivering advanced cannabinoid based therapies through a fully vertically-integrated iotechnological formula.